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Manning Valley Libraries
Patrons of Wimmera Regional Library can now easily print from anywhere, anytime.
Manning Valley Libraries staff have moved from behind the desks to walking the floor – where the patrons are.


But where has the front desk gone?

"But where has the desk gone" is one of the most common questions Manning Valley Libraries staff have been asked since they went desk-less and embraced mobile technology.

The library team was eager to explain their changes and the impact on their patrons:
"We’ve been called free range librarians and concierge librarians, but, whatever the label, we are out from behind the desk and helping people out in the Library. Armed with our Windows 8 tablets our staff are getting out amongst it - seeking out our patrons wherever they are. Windows tablets give us the full functionality of our Libero library management system, the EnvisonWare computer booking software and Council's corporate systems, without the need to be wired up behind a desk. We even have Bluetooth barcode scanners paired with our tablets."

Staff have commented that they feel that they are "more engaged with our clients and that we are offering a more personalised service. The one-on-one interaction has given library staff opportunities to promote library services, events and resources as part of a natural dialogue."

By removing the barrier of the desk library patrons seem to be more willing to ask questions and seek assistance.

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EnvisionWare's New Intelligent Voice Response System (IVR)

Developed in partnership with Las Vegas-Clark County Library District (LVCCLD), EnvisionWare’s new Intelligent Voice Response system enables patrons to reserve a public computer by phone, saving valuable staff time and enhancing patron self-service.

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Release Preview! Five Flattering Attributes of PC Reservation® 4.4

When it comes to PC Reservation version 4.4, five key attributes stand out: Speed. Self-Maintenance. Simplification. Appearance. Usability. Here’s a preview of just a few of the highlights…

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