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Envisionware Webinar Series

2024 Webinar Series

Tune into our 2024 webinar series and discover how our full line of self-service solutions can
help you deliver enriched services to your community and enhance library efficiency for patrons
and staff.

Mark your calendars! Webinars are scheduled for the third Wednesday of every month.
Upcoming topics include:

Mobile Printing powered by Princh: Fast, Stable, Secure, Intuitive

Join our upcoming webinar to discover our new MobilePrint Service powered by Princh!
The new service provides a stable solution with industry-leading security and a user-friendly interface, allowing patrons to print from their devices without staff assistance.

During the webinar, you will hear from EnvisionWare General Manager John C. Dexter, and Rob Paripovic, Library Innovation Specialist from Princh, where they will discuss how Princh works, and demonstrate the lightning fast time-to-print and easy-to-use print and pay process.


5 Reasons Why Small and Mid-size Libraries Should Consider AMH

Tune into this webinar and discover how libraries of all sizes are benefitting from Automated Materials Handling (AMH). Panelists will discuss size, configuration and cost options for small footprint areas, as well as the ROI gained from efficiency and service. If you’ve considered AMH but think it’s out of reach, don’t miss this webinar for valuable insights and a demonstration of the latest AMH technology.


The Secret Sauce Behind EnvisionWare’s Holds Locker

Think all holds lockers are the same? Think again. This webinar will reveal what makes EnvisionWare’s Holds Locker a unique, efficient option for staff and patrons. Panelists will demonstrate how EnvisionWare’s revolutionary CloudNine® platform eliminates holds pre-processing to expedite turnaround and lift the burden on staff, and enables remote administration automatic software updating, making Locker maintenance virtually effortless.


Put Some Flex into Your Self-Checkout and RFID

EnvisionWare’s new X25 self-checkout series is designed to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency in a single system. Join this webinar to see how you can mix and match your configuration to meet the space needs of your library. The webinar will also showcase EnvisionWare’s full suite of RFID software and hardware solutions and provide insight into options for converting your collection for minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.



Missed one of our prior webinars?

Tune into our replays!

Ensure Peace of Mind for Cash Reconciliation and Reporting

When it comes to library transactions, cash collection, reconciliation and reporting can be stressful and time consuming, and fraught with the potential for human error. Join this webinar and learn how EnvisionWare’s eCommerce Staff Register can lift the burden from your staff by automating point of sale transactions. The system integrates with your ILS, making it faster and easier for patrons and staff to record and process transactions, and giving you peace of mind that all transactions are accurate and recorded.

Wednesday, February 21, 2:00 Eastern

Scan. Fax. Copy. Print: Empower Patrons Through Self-Service

Discover how you can make it easy for patrons to scan, copy or fax all types of documents
without needing staff assistance. EnvisionWare’s Library Document Station is a compact and
powerful full-service document solution designed to empower patrons and save valuable staff
time. Tune into this demonstration webinar to learn more!

Wednesday, March 20, 2:00 PM Eastern