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LibCabinet Brings Services Closer to Home for Kent District Library Residents

Library services are now a lot closer to home for residents of Grattan Township. Part of Kent District Library (KDL), Grattan community members had to travel ten miles to visit the closest KDL branch. Now Grattan Township residents have local access to library materials through EnvisionWare’s LibCabinet.

With the LibCabinet, patrons can check out books, pick up holds and return items at their convenience. The unit holds over 200 items and is easy to use. To check out a book, a patron simply scans their library card and the door unlocks. Books are checked out automatically when removed from the shelves. The patron closes the door when finished and takes their receipt. Returning items is just as easy — scan, return and go.

The LibCabinet is installed at the township hall, which is easily accessible to the community. “We want to provide the best library service that we can offer to all KDL patrons,” said KDL Executive Director Lance Werner. “We are excited to deliver services where Grattan Township residents live, work and play, making it easier for people to use and enjoy the library.”

Grattan Township loves the Express Library!

“It’s wonderful to see residents swinging by and perusing the wonderful selection of books, movies and video games. The cabinet holds something for everyone in our family. Whether it’s a DVD for movie night, a new Switch game or a new bedtime story for our four-year-old, the access to the LibCabinet has been incredibly exciting. We love that we now have more access to the great library services in our community, ” said Michelle Alberts, Grattan Township Clerk and Patron.

Grattan Library

The new service in Grattan Township will be the 21st KDL location in Kent County, 22 counting a Bookmobile. KDL services nearly 440,00 residents of 27 different municipalities throughout Kent County.