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EnvisionWare's eCommerce Self-service Solutions

Flexible payment solutions giving
your patrons more choices

Your patrons will have the flexibility of using credit cards in the library via credit card terminal, or to make payments from value against library card when you implement With EnvisionWare® eCommerce Services™. You may offer cash payment as well, or, as many libraries are now doing, drop cash for safer and quicker card payments. Patrons are able to pay for printing, copying and library charges with no staff assistance. Of course library charge payments immediately update the library system via SIP2.

Read about Gawler Public Library’s experience implementing Self-Service Payments.


EnvisionWare's X11 Kiosks and Countertops

Self-service with X11 Kiosks and Countertops

EnvisionWare offers a complete line of self-service options to address the needs of your library, your patrons and your budget.

The X11 series delivers a wide array of choices in modern, stylish and easily serviced countertops and kiosks.

Niche Academy

Niche Academy – Increases your eResource usage

Why should your library integrate Niche Academy with your existing online resources?

To dramatically increase circulation of your electronic resources, that’s why!

EnvisionWare and Reface Partnership

Leaders in Library efficiency solutions
join forces

On April 15 2021 we were pleased to announce the partnership agreement we have entered into with Reface Industries.

What does this partnership mean for you?