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Twin Falls Public Library

Twin Falls Public Library Increases Efficiency and
Delivers a Modern Patron Experience

Implements EnvisionWare’s RFID, Self-service Checkout and eCommerce Solutions

As a busy, downtown library, Twin Falls Public Library in Idaho was interested in converting from barcode to RFID to enhance efficiency and expedite circulation. They also wanted to upgrade their self-checkout and patron and staff ecommerce solutions to more modern and intuitive technology.

When it came time to select a vendor partner EnvisionWare hit the mark, particularly in two key areas – affordability and customer service. “We’d heard great things about EnvisionWare’s service from the other members of our consortium,” said CJ Rasmusson, Programming Specialist at Twin Falls. “EnvisionWare also offered the self-service checkout experience and RFID solutions we were looking to provide at an affordable price point.”

Twin Falls manually converted their collection from barcode to RFID during the height of the COVID pandemic, providing opportunity and presenting challenges in terms of staff hours and availability. Training was conducted remotely by EnvisionWare and the conversion ran smoothly, thanks to the dedication of the staff.

In addition to RFID, the Library also implemented three X11 self-service countertops, EnvisionWare’s OneStop™ self-service software, EnvisionWare’s MasterSeries UltraTransparent Wide Aisle Gates and EnvisonWare’s DiscReader™.

Self-service patron and staff eCommerce was also part of the scope of the project. Prior to migrating to EnvisionWare, Twin Falls used PayPal. The conversion to EnvisionWare’s solutions makes it a lot easier and more efficient for patrons to pay fines and fees.

“With the library back to pre-COVID operations, it’s been exciting to reopen with these new services and solutions,” said CJ. “Twin Falls now offers modern, self-service technology solutions that deliver enhanced services to our community and help our library run more efficiently.”