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EnvisionWare's CloudNine Reservation Service

CloudNine®: Reservation Service is live!

Migrations from PC Reservation® to CloudNine®: Reservation Service have begun! We now have 6 Library Services migrated to Reservation Service and are in the process of migrating many more.  These libraries now have access to all the features and flexibility of PC Reservation, plus the exciting new features and functionality offered in Reservation Service.

Features include:

  • Multiple options for booking including Next Available or scheduled reservations. Queued reservations are coming in a future release.
  • Ability to manage reservations for multiple resources such as computers, study rooms, maker spaces, gaming consoles – some libraries have decided to provide their patrons with the ability to “reserve” a staff member for reference queries, homehelp and the like.  Chrome book, Mac and iPad compatibility are available in future releases.
  • Ability to SMS or email reservation receipts.
  • Ability to meet diverse library policies.
  • Multiple groups per branch with granular access and filtering policies.
  • Robust menu options provide for font size changes, contrast adjustment, and other patron controls, as well as time remaining shown on screen.
  • Alerts display to warn users when the session is about to end.
  • Options to extend a session when others are not waiting

Reservation Service, built on EnvisionWare’s revolutionary CloudNine platform, is web-based and is available as a hosted service. CloudNine, is designed to completely remove the burden of updating from customers, from a single branch library to a complex consortium.

EnvisionWare's CloudNine Reservation ServiceOur revolutionary ZeroClient is an innovative, ‘never update’ approach. The ZeroClient downloads all of the needed components when it starts and, as things change, downloads the new components automatically. The server is updated as needed by our Quality Assurance team. When EnvisionWare pushes out an update to the Service, every customer immediately has that update. This includes everything from small updates and patches to a major new release, ensuring that libraries are always running the latest update.

Reservation Service licenses are based upon service population as an all-inclusive subscription service that includes the software and maintenance removing the need for added costs as you install more branches or client PCs.

If you haven’t yet had a quote to install your new Reservation Service please contact us.

For more information contact us at or call +61 8 8132 5800.