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Hemet Public Library Extends Services 24/7 When Faced with Limited Hours

Patron checks out at the Hemet Public Library 24-Hour Library

Patron Checks Out at the Hemet
Public Library 24-Hour Library

Hemet Public Library 24-Hour Library

Hemet Public Library’s
New 24-Hour Library

What do you do when faced with limited hours and staff but high community demand? The team at Hemet Public Library in California has tackled this problem through creative thinking and innovative solutions.

“With only 9 staff members, self-service has been the key to our success,” said Hemet Public Library Director Kathye Caines. “Solutions such as self-service checkout and computer and print management free-up staff to be able to present creative programs and deliver services that would otherwise not be possible.”

EnvisionWare’s 24-Hour Library™ was a perfect fit for Hemet’s service model by providing 24/7 access to books and materials during busy periods and when the building is closed. With building hours limited due to funding, this solution serves an important need in the community.

“We have a very active community of library users so self-service is key to making certain our staff can meet their needs as effectively and efficiently as possible,” said Library Manager Kathye Caines. “The 24-Hour Library enhances service when the library is open and extends our operating hours when the building is closed. We used to be open Wednesday through Saturday but are now open to the community 24/7.”

The 24-Hour Library is located near the front, providing access to almost 350 books and DVD’s. With the 24-Hour Library, patrons can also pick and place holds, search the online catalog and library programs, and return materials at their convenience.

“The 24-Hour Library was funded with Development Impact Fees specifically designated for Library services or programs,” said Caines. “We were able to provide this service without tapping into General Fund money.”

In addition to the 24-Hour Library, 95% of circulation from within the Library building is self-service checkout. Hemet has also established a robust partnership with the local school district to offer self-service mobile printing. For many students who do not have a printer at home, this is a low cost way for students to print homework and other assignments that they would otherwise not be able to finish.

“Our patrons are happy to be able to access library services when they need them,” said Caines. “The 24-Hour Library enables patrons to have their items available at their convenience, regardless of building hours.”

To learn more about the 24-Hour Library, contact your EnvisionWare representative or visit our website.

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