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Library Document Station™ Makes the Grade at Arcadia Public Library

Nestled in the picturesque foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Arcadia Public Library is anything but a sleepy little library. The Library is located across the street from the local high school and near three middle schools, and serves as a hub for students to receive homework help, study and work on projects. Arcadia is also a community that highly values education and lifelong learning so the Library attracts patrons of all ages for programming and access to the collection.

When students and adults began inquiring about scanning and faxing services, Library Services Manager Roger Hiles took some time to explore his options. He had seen EnvisionWare’s Library Document Station™ at another library and they had very positive feedback. As an existing EnvisionWare computer and print management customer, Arcadia staff were already confident in EnvisionWare’s products and support. The Library could also leverage the integration between the Library Document Station and LPT:One for print management.

“We’ve been incredibly pleased with the Library Document Station,” said Hiles. “People walk up and intuitively know how to use the machine without staff assistance. Students and adults use it heavily and the biggest mark of success is that we’ve had no complaints from patrons.”

In addition to scanning, copying and faxing, the Library Document Station also serves as an additional print release station during busy periods, making it a go-to spot for various self-service needs.