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Library Document
Station ™ – Like a
duck to water!

Library Document Station

In addition to scan to email, cloud, smart device and USB the Library Document Station™ also supports scan to MP3 and scan directly into a Family Search family tree. Patrons intuitively understand the easy to use options. The solution also includes a range of accessibility enhanced features such as a screen narrator and high contrast screen and screen magnifier with touch and drag action.

We now offer A3 scanners and A4 scanners with your Library Document Station – and remember, there is no ongoing charge per scan as there is with some devices. Contact your EnvisionWare representative for more information.

General maintenance hints and tips:

The following steps should be included with your regular library housekeeping schedules to ensure proper maintenance and functioning of your Library Document Station:

  • Clean the LDS touchscreen and flatbed scanner glass using any standard monitor/screen cleaner. Remember not to spray the cleaner directly onto the glass or screen and to use a soft cloth. We recommend that the screen is cleaned each week for optimum performance. See Knowledge Base article KB2246 at our Customer Centre.
  • If you use an Automated Document Feeder the rollers and pad assembly should be cleaned every 5000 scans, or monthly, using isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth. See Knowledge Base article KB2246 at our Customer Centre.
  • Monitoring and clearing of the email account used by the LDS should occur to clear the Sent Items or Sent Mail box. This will ensure that the email account storage limit is not reached.
  • Remember to review your monthly statistics – they provide a great tool when you argue for another unit.