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PLA Preview: Philadelphia 2018

Move over Liberty Bell. Drop that cheesesteak, Rocky. EnvisionWare is coming to town and after 20 years of public library service, we’re bringing some attractions you won’t want to miss!

  • Flexible and Modern Automated Materials Handling Solutions: Take a tour of our 3-bin sorting solution and learn about our new options for AMH in partnership with Lyngsoe Systems.
  • Smaller Footprint. Lower Priced 24-Hour Library™: We now offer two versions of our 24-Hour Library depending on your space and budget. Come see the new smaller unit in our booth and find out which 24-Hour Library is right for your community.
  • Redesigned OneStop™ Self-service Circulation Software: EnvisionWare’s OneStop™ software has a new look and new functionality, combining an engaging interface for patron self-service with a customizable platform to showcase library news, events and more.
  • Complete Line of Self-service Hardware: From kiosks to desktops and component systems, you’ll find a range of self-service hardware solutions for your library and your budget.
  • Payment Solutions: Make certain to find out about Copy Payment Manager, our new solution for patron self-service payments and copy payment reporting. This new solution expands our line of eCommerce self-service and staff solutions for both web and terminal payments, as well as coin and bill.
  • RFID Software and Security: EnvisionWare puts RFID in reach with leasing options as low as $395 per month for an RFID system.

After 20 years, it’s difficult to put everything down that EnvisionWare has to offer. Please stop by the EnvisionWare booth #712 to learn more.