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Jodi and Rob Bellinger

Just About Jodi:

Family: Husband Rob, and boys Ryan (16) and Shawn (13), as well as Puggle Stanley (as seen below in one of his many costumes) and rescue cat Coraline

Enjoys: Decorating and home renovations, hosting gatherings with friends, boating and taking long walks

Greatest Joy: Being a mom to two active and funny teenagers

Always Looks Forward To: Summer by the lake

Ryan and Shawn Bellinger
Stanley Bellinger

Employee Spotlight:
Jodi Bellinger

“Treat others as you would want to be treated,” that’s a message that Jodi Bellinger has imparted to her two teenage boys, Ryan (16) and Shawn (13), and carries through in her role as EnvisionWare’s Director of Customer Support and Strategic Initiatives.

Many of you might know Jodi from almost 20 years serving the public library market, most recently at Innovative Interfaces Inc. where she served as Vice President, Customer Support. In this role, Jodi was responsible for global customer service, overseeing support for 9,500 libraries in 66 countries worldwide. Prior to Innovative, Jodi was Vice President of Customer Operations at Polaris Library Systems.

“I’m really enjoying leading the Customer Support team at EnvisionWare,” said Jodi. “It’s a very customer-centric company and since we’re privately owned and operated we have a lot of freedom in how we approach service.”

According to Jodi, the ‘customer first’ culture starts with EnvisionWare’s owner and CEO Mike Monk and permeates throughout the rest of the organization. “In support, our customer interactions not only impact their experience with EnvisionWare, but also influence how that customer feels the rest of the day. One of our main strategic initiatives is focused on how we can enhance communications with customers as we work through support cases.”

Team goals this year also include developing consistent training programs and adding new team members to increase bandwidth.

“When we say that customer service is our company’s number one goal, we mean it,” said Bellinger. “I’m enjoying working with our team and learning from our customers about what we can do to continuously improve our service.”