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Got Books? New X11 Sidecars Lighten the Load.

Stack of books, purse, shopping bag, DVD’s…There’s always a lot to juggle at the self-checkout station. Fortunately, EnvisionWare’s new X11 Sidecars are there to lighten the load!

The X11K Sidecars fit seamlessly with the X11 kiosks to provide substantial shelf room with a small footprint. The Sidecars come in two versions, depending on the needs of your library.

EnvisionWare X11K Sidecar STD

X11K Sidecar STD

EnvisionWare X11K Sidecar DX shown with EnvisionWare's Media Case Controller (EMC2)™

X11K Sidecar DX

The X11K Sidecar STD provides ample shelf space in a seamless layout. X11K Sidecar DX comes standard with a glass shelf to hold EnvisionWare’s Media Case Controller (EMC2)™ while providing additional space to place materials during self-checkout.

Both Sidecar models will be available for demonstration in the EnvisionWare booth at ALA (booth 2551). Not attending ALA? Contact your EnvisionWare representative for more information.