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Dinner and Books To Go

Now patrons of Chattahoochee Valley Libraries (CVL) can get more than just burgers and fries when they head to the local drive-thru. One of two new 24-Hour Library™ locations shares a parking lot with a local McDonald’s in a busy shopping area, making it easy to pick up materials in a convenient location without worrying about parking.

The second 24-Hour Library is located in a shopping center adjacent to a local elementary and middle school. This location will enable the Library to support the local school curriculum with additional books and materials and provide easy access for students, faculty and parents.

Chattahoochee Valley Libraries' new 24-Hour Library

Materials are part of a floating collection and both 24-hour libraries will support holds pick-up and return from any system branch to either 24-hour location.

“It’s about making sure our materials are available for people where and when they want them. We want to make our service more accessible to more people,” says CVL Library Director Alan Harkness.

CVL supports a large and service area that encompasses four counties in and around Columbus, Georgia. The 24-hour libraries are a cost-effective way to bring some library services to Northeast and Northwest Columbus, two areas growing in population that aren’t currently served by a branch location.

“A lot of demographic research went into the decision to purchase the 24-hour libraries and the geographic locations selected,” said Harkness. CVL also has an eye on future growth, noting that the 24-hour libraries could be relocated as the community expands and new service areas develop.

CVL's new 24-Hour Library
CVL Library Director Alan Harkness
CVL's new 24-Hour Library

The Library is a component unit of the Muscogee County School District and was able to purchase the 24-hour libraries through the 2015 E-SPLOST program.