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Nova Chase

News About Nova:

Enjoys: Flower and Vegetable Gardening, Camping, Spending Time with Family and Pets

Keeps Busy With: With Two Sons and a Foster Daughter

Pets: Cat (Kyle) and Two Dogs (JT and Barkley)

Best Place to Go on Vacation: Any Warm Beach!

Employee Spotlight:
Nova Chase

In her 11 years with EnvisionWare, Nova Chase has worn many hats within the customer service and support teams. In all roles, Nova has kept a steady focus on making certain the customer experience is the best that it can be.

Today, she serves as Director of Professional Services and Technical Sales Support. “In addition to my day-to-day management responsibilities, I am focused on some key objectives in 2019,” said Nova. “These include enhancing EnvisionWare’s customer implementation experience as well as improving efficiencies across the implementation process.”

Nova is also focused on evaluating technical order preparations to streamline processes and ensure accuracy, as well as managing the technical aspects of EnvisionWare’s customer demonstrations and evaluations.

Her background at EnvisionWare, which includes managing Professional Services and Support, has given Nova an insight into the customer and product journey, from sales and service to QA and implementation and she is able to apply that knowledge to improving processes and services that impact the customer experience. “Mike, Scott and other members of the leadership team take a personal interest in how we are delivering services to our customers,” said Nova. “This has made my career at EnvisionWare a very rewarding experience.”