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Niche Academy:
Microlearning for libraries – Training for Patrons, Students and Staff

Niche AcademyWhat if your website taught patrons how to use your electronic resources?

When you subscribe to Niche Academy, you receive a little code snippet that you can plug into your website. Then, like magic, your website will begin to present video introductions to your electronic resources as well as step-by-step instructions on how to get started using them.

What if your library staff all felt confident and comfortable using your electronic resources?

Niche Academy tutorials give staff a quick lesson plan for showing patrons how to use eResources. We update the tutorials as resources evolve, so staff can feel confident that the information is up-to-date. We’ll also give you a staff-focused learning environment so you can invite staff participation and track their progress.

“We chose Niche as a subscription because it supports our eResources and staff at the same time. Niche Academy sits exactly where our members look for information, on our webpage/catalogue so the subscription is more than an additional eResource. The team from Niche academy were very helpful for me.” Nic Kilah, Branch Coordinator Laidley library, Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

Latest features

  • A range of new tutorials including Trove, Wheelers, Bolinda Borrowbox – available at all times for customers.
  • Added support features to better support customers
  • Updated Global Reports for those who have multiple academies
  • Enhancement to allow us to create interactive content for you (the ability for you to create interactive content is coming soon…)
  • Enforce Sequence – If a tutorial requires enrolment you can now require the learner to go through the tutorial in the order specified in the menu on the right. Found in Tutorial Settings when you are in a tutorial.
  • Require Video Completion for Lesson Completion – If a tutorial requires enrolment you can now force the learner to watch the entire video before it will be marked as complete. Found in Tutorial Settings when you are in a tutorial.
  • Shared Tutorials Report – If you share any of the tutorial you have created with other organizations you can now see a report that shows how well they are preforming. Found in Settings in your academy.

New features and updates are immediately applied to your Academies. There isn’t anything you need to do on your side to get the updates. New tutorials simply need to be turned on in your Academies to show to your library users immediately.

For more information on purchasing a subscription to this exciting solution please contact your EnvisionWare team.