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EnvisionWare® CloudConnect™
Manage, Monitor and Configure Your EnvisionWare Software System Wide

EnvisionWare® CloudConnect™ platform makes it easy to monitor and manage your entire network of computers and EnvisionWare self-service solutions. With CloudConnect, you have a single view of your computers system wide from a browser window, including the computer name and operating system for the device.

CloudConnect is a powerful diagnostic utility plus much more. Customers can create or update a support case from any computer running EnvisionWare software and CloudConnect will gather logs and configurations automatically and attach them to a support case.

CloudConnect also enables you to configure, install and monitor EnvisionWare software solutions, including EnvisionWare® System Monitor™, OneStop™ self-service software and EnvisionWare® RFID Software Suite™ enterprise wide.

EnvisionWare® CloudConnect™ Active Services

Customer SPECIFIC PC showing 3 services installed,
two of which can be configured via the cloud.
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EnvisionWare® CloudConnect™ Active Computers

Customer with over 66 pages of computers and over 650 computers running EnvisionWare applications. The customer can see the computer name and operating system for a device. The MAC address lets a customer know how to trace the computer via the router.
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CloudConnect is a hosted service provided for all customers under maintenance. Some features are available to all customers now, with more being released from the cloud over the summer.