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Florence County Library System

Florence County Library System
Relies on EnvisionWare for Current Needs and Future Growth

Florence County Library System in South Carolina was looking for a vendor partner to help streamline their computer and print management services and respond to patron requests for mobile printing capabilities. It turned out that EnvisionWare was the partner they were searching for to support the Library System’s main library and 5 branch locations.

The Library System serves a population of almost 137,000 residents with 6 locations Countywide. Conveniently located between I-95 and I-20, Florence and the surrounding area is a busy tourist destination offering outdoor attractions, beautiful rivers, and historic landmarks.

“The migration to EnvisionWare for computer and print management has saved the library valuable staff time,” said Florence County Library System Director Alan Smith. “With Envisionware, we are able to link our computer and print management software to the Evergreen ILS to validate users, which means we no longer need to create separate user accounts. This has eliminated the duplicate work, is more seamless to the public and reduces mistakes.”

EnvisionWare’s MobilePrint Service™ was also a factor in the Library System’s decision to select EnvisionWare. “A feature like MobilePrint Service had been requested by both our patrons and staff,” said Smith. “Surprisingly it was more cost efficient to switch to Envisionware than to add the feature to our old print management system, so overall EnvisionWare was the best fit for our current needs and our future growth.”

Smith also noted how easy the EnvisionWare team made the migration. “EnvisionWare’s sales representative did an outstanding job helping the Library figure out what best suited our needs, and the implementation consultant assigned to the project did an incredible job helping with the installation and setup.”