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Tablet Station Antibacterial Screens

Tablet Station Antibacterial Screens Now Available

The Tablet Station powered by Hublet is now available with optional antibacterial protective screens to offer an added measure of patron and staff safety. The Tablet Station is a smart choice for libraries looking to expand use of their digital collections and enable social distancing through self-service.

With the Tablet Station you can provide access to a wide range of digital content, from newspapers to ebooks, games and apps, right from a patron self-service service station. Customers simply scan their library card and the docking station will automatically release a tablet – there is no need for staff to interact with patrons. Library seating can be spread apart to provide distance between patrons using the Tablets.

The protective screens are designed to kill 99% of bacteria on the surface of the touch screen, providing a safer and cleaner patron experience and alleviating the cleaning burden on your employees. The screens are harmless to humans but kill bacteria from the display by leveraging agents used on ATM machines, booking systems and kiosks. The protective coating is solvent-resistant, enabling library sta­ff to clean the touchscreens as necessary using traditional cleaning methods.

The installation kit is available as an optional purchase with your Tablet Station. The kit includes six screen protectors and the materials necessary to easily apply the screen protectors to the touch screens.

To learn more about the Tablet Station, watch this video, or contact your EnvisionWare representative.