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Niche Academy – using your website widgets

Increasingly library users are moving to online resources, particularly recently with so many library closures due to COVID. Are you getting the most from your investment in e-resources?

Niche Academy

Niche Academy not only provides a way to show borrowers how to use these wonderful resources, it also is a great marketing tool. Using Niche Academy widgets you can bring your eresource webpages alive.

Below are some examples of the many ways that you can promote your resources and Niche Academy training tutorials to your library users. All of the tools needed to link these functions to your website are included in the Niche Academy widgets. Offer one or more of these options to promote your resources and enthuse your patrons.

These new services are helping Lake Geneva keep pace with the needs of patrons of all ages and are creating efficiencies for Library staff to enable them to provide more programming and face-to-face public service with members of this bustling lakeside community.


Niche Academy Carousel

Many libraries use a carousel to scroll through a selection of their e-resource training tutorials. Users may click on any of the displays to access that resource or simply watch the resource as the displays scroll past.

Direct Links

A range of direct links options allow you to push users to the learning tutorial at the resource access point. You may use buttons, images, text, anything to draw attention to the training is great – some examples are:

Niche Academy Direct Link Options


Libraries well know the power of subject headings, tags, categories. Use Niche Academy categories to sort and display your tutorials and make it easier for patrons to locate what they need for learning.

Remember, the tutorials are much more than resource learning and include a wide range of social media and community topics.

Just pop the side-slider on the side and setup categories. To guide users to different groups of courses.

This library even pops up kids activities, dance groups and recorded storytime events created by their team.

Niche Academy Categories

EnvisionWare is your reseller of Niche Academy in the Asia Pacific region. If you would like to learn more about how this exciting solution can help your community and your library contact us at or call +61 8 8132 5800.