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Indian River County Intergeneration Recreation Center

24-Hour Library™ Serves People of All Ages at the
Indian River County Intergeneration Recreation Center

Indian River County Library System in Florida had been interested in expanding services to an underserved area in the South end of the county for quite some time. After exploring numerous options, the Library found the ideal solution through a partnership with the County Parks and Recreation Department.

Indian River Library System's New Vending Library BranchThe new branch location, named The Vending Library, leverages EnvisionWare’s 24-Hour Library™ to deliver services within the County’s IRC Intergeneration Recreation Center (IG Center).

“The IG Center is located on a main East/West corridor in the South end of the county where we don’t currently have a branch,” said Library Director Tracey Wehking. “It’s the perfect place to offer library services to this underserved area. The building is open 7 days a week and attracts a truly intergenerational mix of community members.”

Indian River Library System's new 24-Hour LibraryLocated adjacent to a busy park, the Center serves children, adults and seniors and offers everything from youth basketball to pickleball and senior exercise classes, as well as community meeting spaces and adult and children’s programming.

The Vending Library offers a full range of browsing materials, including youth, adult, and large print books, as well as DVD’s and audiobooks to serve the broad range of ages and interests within the community.