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EnvisionWare Webinar Replay
RFID Solutions That Won't Break The Bank

RFID and self-checkout solutions have dropped dramatically in price in recent years. You can now implement a new system or upgrade your existing RFID system for prices that will surprise you and packages that may cost less than what you’re paying in annual maintenance.

To dive deep into your options and pricing based on your library’s needs, EnvisionWare recently hosted a webinar series “RFID and Self-service Checkout Solutions that Won’t Break the Bank”.  The replay for the introductory webinar is available on the Resources page of our website:

The rest of the webinar series includes the following, targeted discussions:

  • DIY RFID for Small Libraries
  • RFID and Self-checkout solutions for Mid-sized Libraries
  • RFID and Self-checkout solutions for Large Libraries
  • The Path to Upgrading Your RFID System

Recordings of each of these webinars are available by contacting your EnvisionWare representative or sending an email to