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Jodi and Rob Bellinger

Fun Facts

Hometown: Payson, Utah

Family: Married with 3 amazing children (14, 20, 21) a beautiful stepdaughter (13) and a new baby on the way

Avid: Board game player

Committed To: Exercising 3 days a week with his wife

Enjoys: Golf, basketball, pickleball

Unique skill: Professional umpire for USSA softball

Employee Spotlight:
Chris Terranova

EnvisionWare Sales Representative Chris Terranova has a lot of energy, and he directs it toward getting things done. Whether it’s following-up with a customer, taking care of his growing family, or working out, Chris tackles every day with energy and enthusiasm.

As co-founder of TDS ladders, a wholesale dealer for Little Giant Ladders, Chris knows a lot about starting and running a business and doing the right thing for customers. When he made a conscious career change to switch to helping libraries, Chris brought his experience in sales and customer service to his new role. Simply put, he finds his career change rewarding and interesting.

Based in Utah, Chris is Sales Representative for Self-service Solutions for the Northwest and North Central regions, working with EnvisionWare sales veterans Sue Cashmark and Peton Nielsen.

In his off-hours, Chris spends time with his children, works out with his wife at the gym and enjoys golf, pickleball and basketball. A sports enthusiast, Chris was also a professional umpire for USSA softball for over 10 years, where he developed skills that he takes with him both on and off the playing field.

If you haven’t already gotten to know him, Chris can be reached at or 678-332-7894.