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EnvisionWare Webinar Invitation
RFID Solutions That Won't Break The Bank

Join EnvisionWare for a series of RFID webinars and learn how you can implement or upgrade your RFID system for prices that will surprise you and packages that may cost less than what you’re currently paying in maintenance.

Overview of RFID and Self-service Checkout Solutions

(For libraries of all sizes with or without RFID installed)

Whether you are considering RFID or are interested in upgrading your existing system, this webinar replay recording provide an overview of EnvisionWare’s full suite of RFID and self-service circulation solutions designed for libraries of all sizes.


DIY RFID for Small Libraries

(For libraries with <50,000 items without RFID installed)
October 20, 2 PM Eastern

Having a small library budget does not mean that RFID is out of reach. All it takes to convert your collection is a supply of RFID tags and a reader, and you can add additional RFID solutions as your budget allows. Join EnvisionWare and learn how DIY RFID can enable you to offer big library services with a small library budget.


RFID for Mid-sized Libraries

(For libraries with <100,000 items without RFID installed)
October 21, 1 PM Eastern

When it comes to supporting your community, self-service and efficiency have never been more important. This webinar will provide an overview of RFID options for mid-sized libraries, including self-service checkout, RFID gates and sorting solutions, at a price sized for your community and budget.


RFID for Large Libraries

(For libraries with >100,000 items without RFID installed)
October 21, 3 PM Eastern

There is a lot of choice and flexibility when it comes to RFID solutions, including sorting and self-service checkout, at prices that are surprisingly low. If you’re a large urban library or a multi-branch library system, RFID can feel overwhelming to navigate. This webinar will provide insight into how larger libraries can approach RFID, what to consider for your library, and what to expect with pricing (that might surprise you!).


The Path to Upgrading Your RFID System

(For libraries of all sizes interested in upgrading from their current RFID system)
October 22, 2 PM Eastern

Do you want to upgrade your existing RFID system but are thinking it’s cheaper to stay with what you have than to migrate? This webinar will showcase how you can upgrade to the latest in state-of-the art RFID technology from EnvisionWare at prices that might be less than you’re paying in annual maintenance.