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About EnvisionWare

EnvisionWare was formed almost 20 years ago with a single purpose – to create innovative, self-service and efficiency solutions that enhance library services and empower patrons. This mission continues to be the driving focus of EnvisionWare today, backed by a commitment to ensure that every library, regardless of size, receives the highest level of customer service and support.

Customer Focused

EnvisionWare customers have a direct link to the entire management and executive team to provide feedback on the company’s service and solutions. This open dialogue with customers enables EnvisionWare to provide solutions to enrich public library services and discover new ways to help libraries enhance services to their communities.

Local Teams. Local Knowledge.

EnvisionWare Pty Ltd was established in 2007 to support the patron self-service needs of libraries in the Asia-Pacific region. The team is based in Adelaide and is managed by Trish Mullis who has a long history with libraries as a Library System Administrator, Library Technician and as an LMS support provider. The team provides support and guidance to libraries in locations ranging from Hong Kong to Wellington, from Adelaide to Palmerston, from Brunei to Brisbane.

Trusted by Over 10,000 Libraries Worldwide.

Great libraries want to expand services to the public, offer new programs, provide higher levels of service and find innovative ways to deliver solutions. EnvisionWare strives to be part of this process with our customers at over 10,000 libraries worldwide.