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EnvisionWare's CloudNine Reservation Service

Take a Walk on CloudNine® and Experience Our Reservation Service

Our revolutionary CloudNine® platform and Reservation Service are both now widely available to any SirsiDynix Symphony customers and customers using generic SIP2! EnvisionWare has been testing, vetting and adjusting the software based on library feedback. Our goal is for a software system that leaves customers floating on CloudNine. By all accounts we’re hitting the mark.

Symphony libraries and libraries using generic SIP2 can now offer a complete reservation system with minimal installation time systemwide and virtually zero maintenance.

EnvisionWare's CloudNine Reservation ServiceThe Reservation Service is built on EnvisionWare’s revolutionary CloudNine platform, a multi-tenant cloud service hosted globally in Amazon Web Services. The software is web-based and can be administered from anywhere. The Service includes all the features you know and trust with PC Reservation®, our industry-leading computer management software, combined with exciting new capabilities and a completely new product architecture. The new ZeroClient™ is a technology innovation that you install once and allow CloudNine to update automatically. Adoption of new releases is a seamless, hands-off experience.

Coeur d’Alene Public Library received access on the version 1.0 release date, April 9th, and became an early adopter of the platform and the software. After a month of testing, the Library launched the software to patrons on May 10th. “This is just what we hoped for. Patrons seem to get it right away without needing help or having any issues,” said Christopher Brannon, IT Coordinator at the Library. Brannon also found the migration from PC Reservation to the Reservation Service amazingly easy. “It was very simple to migrate from PC Reservation to Reservation Service. This is a great approach to technology.”

To learn more about Coeur d’Alene’s experience, click here.

The support and professional services teams are now fully trained and ready for widespread delivery of this new service.  For information on upgrading or purchasing CloudNine and Reservation Service for your library that is on Symphony or a generic SIP2 ILS, contact your EnvisionWare representative or send an email to marketing. For libraries using other ILS platforms that use Enhanced SIP2 or the Patron API, certification on those platforms is ongoing.