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EnvisionWare Release Update

Reopen your doors with these new releases designed to save valuable staff time and provide an enhanced patron experience.

OneStop™ 3.1

OneStop™ Version 3.1 is bigger and better than ever, including enhanced graphics and accessibility tools, more language options, and integrated eCommerce functionality that makes the patron self-service experience even easier and faster.

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EnvisionWare's OneStop™ 3.1
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EnvisionWare's OneStop™ Launch Command Edition

OneStop™ Launch Command Edition

OneStop™ Launch Command Edition is a powerful successor to the Launch Command™ self-service kiosk menu. This engaging, customisable, and intuitive kiosk menu is free to PC Reservation®, LPT:One™ print, Copy Payment Manager™, AAM Account, and eCommerce Self-Service customers under maintenance.

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LPT:One™ Client for Mac v4.9.4

LPT:One™, our leading print management solution now offers an entirely new application designed with native macOS functionality. The new Client is easier to install, operates faster, and offers improved stability. This Client eliminates Windows File and Printer Sharing and provides a seamless print experience from macOS Catalina, Mojave and High Sierra.

LPT:One™ Client for Mac

eCommerce Self-Service Web & Terminal v3.7

Version 3.7 of eCommerce Self-service enables you to install Client Web Services by default. Prior versions offered Client Web Services as an optional installation but v3.7 installs the web services as part of a new or updated installation. OneStop 3.1, OneStop Launch Command Edition 3.1, Copy Payment Manager, LPT:One Print Release Terminals, and the Library Document Station™ leverage Client web services to deliver a payment workflow that is directly embedded in the application interface. The pop-up Windows client will be deprecated in 2021. Features include:

  • New web services commands to support deposit workflows
  • Update the system to use Tomcat v9
  • Add new data to SIP2 responses to support data recorded in Evergeen – this feature sends the transaction ID and operator or workstation ID to the ILS via Evergreen Enhanced SIP2.

RFID Software Suite v3.5

RFID Software Suite includes a range of hot fixes from the prior version, as well as support for Item ID Remap, a custom data model for translating ID numbers.

CloudConnect™ v2020.1

The newest release of CloudConnect™ offers a variety of features for managing self-checkout stations and self-service kiosks, centralising management of stations and making it easier for administrators to group computers by function or location.

EnvisionWare® Enterprise Reporter™ v3.0

Coming later this month, EnvisionWare® Enterprise Reporter™ v3.0 including updates to all workbooks and a new OneStop Circulation Workbook full of new dashboards, reports and vivid visualisations.

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