Athens-Clarke County Library Migrates to EnvisionWare for Automated Materials Handling

Atlanta, GA – EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library efficiency solutions, announced today that Athens-Clarke County Library in Georgia has migrated to EnvisionWare for Automated Materials Handling (AMH).

Athens-Clarke County Library is a member of the Athens Regional Library System, a 5-county system in Georgia. Athens-Clarke County is situated approximately 60 miles north of Atlanta and is home to the University of Georgia. The Library circulates over half a million items a year and services a population of approximately 123,000.

The new AMH platform, developed by Lyngsoe Systems, replaces the Library’s current sorting system, which had been in operation for 5 years. The new 15-bin sorting system includes both internal and external drops, as well as a staff inlet to support the high volume of materials the Library circulates.

The AMH system also includes new ergonomic features to streamline staff workflow and help to provide a more comfortable and safe work environment. This includes Lyngsoe’s Ergo Cart™ technology. The Ergo Carts automatically stack materials from the sorter onto the cart, making it easy for staff to simply transport the items directly to the shelf. The Carts also raise horizontally with the push of a button to make re-shelving easy and ergonomic for staff. The library also opted for the Lyngsoe Ergo Box™. These sort bins automatically lower as items are deposited, and automatically raise as items are removed. This innovative technology assures the gentle handling of library items and keeps staff from having to bend and reach as they remove items from the bins.

“We’re excited to make this transition,” said Circulation Manager Toby Mayfield. “EnvisionWare has been a very easy vendor partner to work with during the migration, and the new sorters give us the flexibility and reliability we’re looking for to help us get the materials back out to the community quickly and relieve the burden on our staff.”


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