Computer Access & Reservation Control – PC Reservation 2021-05-22T13:00:28+00:00
PC & Print Reservation is one of the most impactful and visible systems to our library patrons. We needed an established, reliable and mature system with a team we could count on.
Jed Moffitt
Director of Information Technology Svcs.
King County Library System
EnvisionWare Computer Management Solutions

Computer Access & Reservation Control

More libraries around the world rely on EnvisionWare’s computer access and reservation control solution than any other provider. Whether you want to manage a handful of computers or control computers across a consortium, PC Reservation® offers the versatility and reliability that’s a perfect fit for libraries of all sizes. Our intelligent scheduling system makes it easy for patrons to know the exact time the computer will become available, taking the guesswork and wait out of the experience. Provide first-come, first-served direct access to a Windows or Mac computer, or advanced reservations that are managed with varying policies in a range of groups across each branch.

Our computer and print management products are available separately or for purchase as a suite of products. The suite provides special combined and simplified pricing for computer management with print control for a complete solution.