EnvisionWare® Branch Manager™ 2020-06-04T17:00:01+00:00
Instant alerts keep your library running smoothly and lift the maintenance burden from library staff.
EnvisionWare Branch Manager

RFID Solutions


EnvisionWare® Branch Manager™ provides instant alerts from RFID gates to staff stations configured to monitor alerts. Staff sees the item ID, media type, gate location and item title on a display that supports alert acceptance and dispatch.

Additionally, Branch Manager supports alerts from OneStop™ self-check stations. Staff alerts include help requests, out of paper alerts and ILS connectivity issues. Patrons can press a help request button and the name of the screen the patron is currently viewing is visible, enabling staff to provide immediate assistance.

When used in conjunction with EnvisionWare® Central Management™, staff can remediate a problem from the desk. The IT manager can view alert histories to search for trends and locate areas where special attention may be required in a process.