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“A note of praise for Danette Fullmer and Nancy Keezer. They are always helpful and responsive!”

Customer in AZ

“Once again Ying Thor has saved my hide. Thanks again for well-trained and helpful employees!”

Customer in CA

“Nancy provided a fast and effective diagnose of our issue. Thank you!”

Customer in CA

“A HUGE thank you to Veronica for all the support that she gives to me!”

Customer in TX

“Veronica provided great support today. The most professional and polite help I’ve received in a long, long time.”

Customer in ON

“Merrick resolved an issue quickly and explained what the resolution was. He was a pleasure to work with.”

Customer in MA
EnvisionWare Services


At EnvisionWare, customer service is at the pinnacle of our company goals and mission statement. We are committed to setting the gold standard for service excellence in the library industry and enjoy the freedom to do what’s right for our customers.

Our service commitment is reflected in our unique approach to customer service and quality that includes:

  • Staffing an in-house team of project managers, installation consultants, and trainers. These EnvisionWare employees have collectively deployed self-service technology in thousands of public libraries and are committed to delivering on the company’s service goals.
  • Providing a Customer Satisfaction link in our Customer Center that goes directly to the entire global management team, enabling customers to escalate any concerns up to the executive level.
  • Establishing a Service Level Commitment that includes voluntary penalties for failure to deliver.
  • Delivering ongoing software releases and striving to deploy one new product per year to keep pace with the needs of our customers.
  • Overseeing all development in-house in our United States development locations.

We offer customers the flexibility to choose from three levels of support and access to our robust Customer Center and Community Forum, enabling customers to exchange ideas with hundreds of libraries around the world on a broad range of industry topics. Our nationwide support locations are backed by a network of backup field technicians throughout the United States to ensure timely onsite support when necessary.

We are committed to establishing an unimpeachable reputation for personalized customer service that sets the industry standard for excellence by our customers.