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RFID Reader Kits

RFID Solutions


EnvisionWare offers three options for RFID readers ranging from ½” to 1.1”. Models includeEnvisionWare RFID DeskPad and DiscReader the 1-Pad™, the ProLine™ DeskPad™ and the DiscReader™.

  • The DeskPad is manufactured by EnvisionWare and delivered in a kit consisting of the pad, USB cable, power supply and under-counter mounting hardware. The pads can be placed on the surface or mounted under a countertop.
  • The 1-Pad is manufactured by Feig Electronics.
  • The DiscReader is manufactured by EnvisionWare and delivered in a compact, thin pad designed for small spaces and outreach. This circular pad is is powered by the computer and is ideal for mobile applications, including bookmobile services.