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St. Peters Library Carson City Library

Adult Internet Portal at the new @Two Digital Learning Center of Carson City Library.


Carson City Library Sparks Ingenuity, Growth, and Creativity

@Two Digital Learning Center Develops 21st Century Digital Skills

Visiting the @Two Digital Learning Center of Carson City Library, Nevada, reinforces just how important libraries are to both work and civic life. With everything from the latest autoCAD software to video and audio equipment, the digital learning center is filling an essential economic role by fostering twenty-first century digital skills.

"Our digital learning center is a great example of how stimulus money really can make a difference in bringing people back to work," said Carson City Library Director Sara Jones. "During daytime hours, you'll see adults searching for jobs and learning computer skills, as well as entrepreneurs using our software, printers, and scanners for business."

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Hints and Tips

PC Reservation® Spring Cleaning

As you're cleaning out the closets and clearing your garden for spring, it's also a good time to think about pruning your PC Reservation database and logs. An overgrown database and large database logs may affect system performance.

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Team Roster

Up Close with Senior Implementation Consultant Desroy Rodney

Seasoned IT professional and traveler Desroy Rodney opens up about his path to EnvisionWare, tips for a successful implementation, and on becoming a sushi convert.

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New Product

Low-Circulating Items? New '7-Cent' Tags™ Are the Perfect RFID Solution for Your Budget!

Introducing EnvisionWare
'7-Cent' Tags™, the industry's first high-performance 2X*GEN tag designed for low-circulating items.

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