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EnvisionWare Online Privacy Statement

EnvisionWare values your privacy.

About Personal Information

When you register for download, request for information, or become a new user, we will request certain information to ensure sufficient contact information to do business with you and your organization.

We work with public institutions and understand that our customers may use public computers on occasion to communicate with our company.

Your Information Choices

We believe in open access to public information so that you can PULL information from our online web presence (public web site and/or registered customer web site). Certain information on our Customer Center web site requires the use of a customer login name and password. Customers receive login information upon registration as a customer and you may request additional access for your staff from the Customer Center site.

If you wish to communicate in an open user-to-user forum, you may subscribe to our user forum which is available by logging into the EnvisionWare Customer Center. Similarly if you wish to receive notices about new products and new releases, you should subscribe to the forum. Notices about product releases are posted in the user forum and via Twitter. We verify the validity of each subscription to ensure that you are not a competitor or are not someone that might mine data or user names from the list.

You can control your forum subscription from the forum control panel and you can control your subscriptions to email information from the footer of messages sent from our system or by setting your personal preferences in the Customer Center.

How We Use Your Information

We do NOT sell, rent, lease, or share customer information (other than site name, state, and Integrated Library System (ILS) which is on our customer list available in the Customer Center. If you purchase from an EnvisionWare partner, your license information is available to our partners to facilitate a sales and support relationship with your organization.

Your subscriptions are the vehicle for learning about new releases and for sharing with other colleagues.

From time to time we send marketing information and surveys to people we meet at conferences, customers, and prospective customers. If you do not wish to receive this information, you may unsubscribe in these communications so that our system will not send any marketing information, surveys, or other educational information to you.

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