San Bernardino County Library Selects EnvisionWare to Expand Self-service

Solutions for Enhanced Patron Service and to Promote Social Distancing

Atlanta, GA – EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library efficiency solutions, announced today that San Bernardino County Library, CA, has selected EnvisionWare to expand their self-service solutions for patrons. San Bernardino County leveraged grant funding to provide solutions to address the growing health and economic challenges fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the grant funding, San Bernardino County was able to purchase EnvisionWare’s X11 Series vending kiosks for each of their 32 locations. The kiosks enable the library to fulfill multiple patron self-service needs with a single station, including the ability to release print jobs, check out books and materials using self-checkout with RFID, make computer reservations, and pay for print jobs as well as fines and fees. The X11’s not only make it faster and easier for patrons to use the library, they allow for social distancing without the need for staff interaction.

The grant funding also enabled the Library to address a growing patron need for scanning and faxing services. EnvisionWare’s Library Document Station™ will be installed in each library location to enable patrons to scan and fax materials without needing staff assistance to handle the materials or process the scanning/faxing.

To better leverage their growing digital collections, San Bernardino County also installed 10 Tablet Stations from EnvisionWare. The Tablet Stations, powered by Hublet, provide self-service access to tablets pre-loaded with educational materials, job resources, news and media, as well as games, books and magazines. With the Tablet Station, a patron scans their library card and selects a tablet for use in the library at a safe distance from others. When finished, the user returns the tablet to the docking station and their information is wiped clean.

“The pandemic has been an unprecedented and challenging time for everyone,” said Melanie Orosco, Regional Manager of Library Services. “These solutions provide peace of mind from a health and safety perspective and enable us to meet essential needs at a time when our communities need us the most.”

“The health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue for quite some time,” said EnvisionWare Co-founder and CEO Mike Monk. “We are extremely proud that our solutions can help alleviate some of the burden and help staff and community members address the challenges today and what’s ahead.”


About EnvisionWare

EnvisionWare is a leading provider of self service and library-efficiency solutions. Today, over ten thousand libraries use EnvisionWare products to enrich the service offerings of their libraries and to empower their customers to do more for themselves. EnvisionWare offers twenty-two systems, including the Reservation Service, LPT:One™ print control, OneStop™ for self service circulation, RFID/AMH, the 24-Hour Library™ and the new Tablet Station powered by Hublet. For more information about EnvisionWare, visit

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