Together Again at ALA Booth #2333

“Together Again” is such an appropriate theme for this year’s ALA conference and we look forward to seeing many of you in Washington, DC. In addition to our extensive product line, here are a few new and noteworthy ‘don’t miss’ products that are worth stopping by our booth #2333 to discover.

EnvisionWare's Reservation Service

Take a Walk on CloudNine® Reservation Service

If your library hasn’t yet landed on CloudNine, this is a great time to see the latest release of our Reservation Service and learn how you can make it fast and easy for patrons to reserve anything you’ve specified – computers, games, 3D printers, study rooms, and more. This web-based system requires minimal installation time systemwide and virtually zero maintenance, saving valuable staff time.

With Reservation Service, existing PC Reservation® libraries enjoy all of the features you know and trust, combined with exciting new capabilities and a completely new product architecture and interface.

Customers are busy signing up for this service, so stop by and see for yourself what all of the buzz is about and learn more > >

EnvisionWare's LibCabinet

Small on Space, Big on Service

LibCabinet: Don’t miss this mini indoor library designed for indoor, high traffic areas. The LibCabinet holds 200 items and enables patrons to checkout books, pick up holds and return items, enabling you to expand library services in a way that’s quick and convenient for patrons. The LibCabinet is part of EnvisionWare’s line of self-service libraries, including our 24-Hour Library products. Learn more > >

EnvisionWare's SmartShelf

Such Smart Shelving!

SmartShelf: EnvisionWare’s SmartShelf makes self-service returns a breeze for patrons and staff. The shelves use embedded RFID technology to automatically check in items as they’re returned. In addition to faster returns, studies have shown that 35% of the items returned are checked out by patrons before needing to be reshelved. Learn more > >

EnvisionWare's SmartHolds

SmartHolds: These RFID-enabled shelves simplify the holds process and eliminate the need for manual holds slips. Staff can place items in any designated order and the shelves will automatically know the position for each item. Patrons simply scan their library card and are notified of the location of their item(s), making holds pick-up fast, private and convenient. Learn more > >

EnvisionWare's Compact Sorter

Sorting for Small Spaces

Now libraries and library spaces can enjoy the same circulation efficiencies as larger libraries. EnvisionWare’s Compact Sorter is designed specifically to meet the space and budget needs of smaller libraries and libraries with space limitations. The Compact Sorter is quiet and small enough to be installed in a public area, behind a staff circulation desk or in a separate room, depending on the space needs of your library. Learn more > >

EnvisionWare's Tablet Station

Your Digital Collection at Their Fingertips

Be certain to stop by our booth and take a look at the latest release of the Tablet Station, powered by Hublet. The redesigned user interface makes it easier for patrons to find what they’re looking for and provides the ability to post dynamic content to promote materials and events. The enhanced Hublet Manager staff console is intuitive and the new release offers remote management to save staff time. Learn more > >

EnvisionWare's X22 Kiosk

Featuring Quality and Leading-edge Design

EnvisionWare’s new X22 self-service kiosk, offered in partnership with Lyngsoe Systems, features a high-end, modern design with high-quality finishes. The hardware, including the computer, RFID reader, and receipt printer, is all integrated. The unit includes a built-in glass table for patron convenience. The X22 is designed for today’s libraries, emphasizing usability, accessibility and ergonomics.

We invite you to see these products in the EnvisionWare booth at ALA #2333. Not attending ALA? Contact your EnvisionWare representative or to learn more.

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