Shreve Memorial Library Enhances Social Distancing and Patron Service

Implements EnvisionWare’s eCommerce Services™ and Upgrades Self-service Checkout

Atlanta, GA – EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library efficiency solutions, announced today that Shreve Memorial Library in Louisiana has implemented EnvisionWare’s eCommerce Services™ for patrons and staff, and has upgraded their self-service checkout solutions.

Shreve, which has 21 locations throughout Louisiana, had implemented RFID and self-service checkout a few years ago at their full-time branches with EnvisionWare’s software. The Library was interested in expanding these self-service capabilities to include eCommerce.

“We’ve had a big focus on implementing eCommerce, particularly in light of COVID-19,” said Greg Frith, Area Manager of Information Technology at Shreve Memorial Library. “eCommerce makes it easy for a patron to walk into the library and manage their own experience, including paying fines and using a credit card to pay for copies and printouts.”

“Self-service payment also helps with social distancing as patrons no longer have to hand staff money to pay for services or fines,” Frith adds. “They can easily pay by credit card without needing to interact directly with staff.”

In addition to patron eCommerce, Shreve is upgrading their self-checkout stations to EnvisionWare’s X11 Vending kiosks and X11 Countertops with a credit card terminal, as well as implementing Staff Register. These services will help patrons pay for fines, fees and printouts, as well as copies using Copy Payment Manager.

The Library is a long-time EnvisionWare customer and also uses EnvisionWare’s computer and print management software, including mobile printing, EnvisionWare® Enterprise Reporter™ software, as well as the EnvisionWare Modular Sorter™ for automated materials handling.

Shreve has implemented eCommerce and upgraded its self-checkout services in three of its full-time locations. Over the next few months, the Library will be expanding the rollout to all 12 full-time locations throughout Caddo Parish.

“Now more than ever people need library services,” said Frith. “We’re excited to reopen our doors with even more reasons for people to use the library safely and easily.”


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